The StarBQ Mission

We understand the importance of community.  Not only do we hope for our patrons to stop by and enjoy our food while also enjoying the company of their friends and family, but we also actively intrigue in ways to help give back to our community and to being an engaged member of both our business and local communities.

Environmentally Friendly

We use palm-pressed dinning ware in our pursuit to give back environmentally. By limiting our current footprint, we can help set up the future for a better landing. We take pride in the fact that we are always seeking new ways in which we can reach out and help the community as well as the world, one step at a time.

Knowing What's Real

We source many of our food products from the farmers that are directly located within the local community.

Everything we serve is handcrafted in-house, from our signature meats and finishing sauces to our proprietary spice blends and even our house-made ketchup.

We believe that only the highest quality ingredients can bring out the greatness in our barbecue.  We utilize only the highest quality certified organic ingredients sourced through local farms.  Our chefs are artisans and they create only using the freshest and most flavorful base ingredients.  We proudly serve only certified Angus beef and Berkshire Pork.

Organic, Wholesome, and Flexible

At StarBQ, we focus on creating healthy dishes that nourish the body while tantalizing the tastebuds all the same. Our restaurants use premium meats and some of those meats are even Halal. Our beef and chicken are carefully prepared and cared for, all the way through the butchering process until we place it on your plate. We desire to be flexible for all people to be able to indulge.

StarBQ Partnerships

StarBQ is committed to its community. We currently give back to our community by volunteering our time and skills – teaching at our local colleges, serving in food shelters. We pair up with many local schools, teams, and clubs in beneficence of building up the future of our kids.

Our Community Sponsorships and Ideals

As artisans of food, we can appreciate artistry in many forms and so we actively seek out local artists in our communities across multiple mediums to help improve their visibility to our community and to be a conduit for sharing cultural experiences and ideas.  Every StarBQ House location showcases art from local artisans from their House’s region. Featured artwork can be purchased at our House locations directly with all proceeds going to support that local artist.